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New clients:
NASA, Herman Miller, Stellar Solutions, Bressler Group, Lindt Chocolate, Ediosmed, Crain Army Ammunition, L3 Communications, Crescent Industries, Aero-Bombardier, AGCO, Baxter Healthcare, Rubbermaid.

01.12.09 - Design Engine administered its first Yacht Design workshop in our Chicago office. This Rhino Class focused on Yacht Hull Design and Interior design on Yachts.

01.14.09 - Design Engine's Bridgett Soldan administered 3 day Advanced Rhino Surfacing Intensive to Aero-Bombardier in Montreal Canada.

02.14.09 - Bart Brejcha was accepted to speak at the PTCUSER.ORG world conference.

03.19.09 - Design Engine's Bart Brejcha makes a visit to Raleigh North Carolina to speak at the Pro/E USERS of the Carolinas PTCUSER conference. There were over 90 participants. The first portion of Bart's talk focused on die casting while the last portion focused on ergonomics and ISDX. Bart also won the Best Speaker Award at the conference.

04.22.09 - Design Engine's Bart Brejcha conducts two one hour talks at the PTCUSER conference at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. One talk covered basics then advanced Pro/SURFACE function for beginners then advanced users doing ergonomics specific to seating. The other talk was the second part of a two part talk on Pro/CABLE. The first Pro/CABLE RSD talk was given last winter where Bart discussed routing cables using Routed Systems Designer. This second half dealt with creating nail board drawings of flattened harnesses and dealing with failed wires in the drawings.

05.11.09 - Design Engine's Bart Brejcha conducts a one week onsite specialty surfacing workshop to AGCO the Agriculture company located in Jackson MN

06.07.09 - Design Engine's Bart Brejcha speaks at the 2009 PTCUSER conference in Orlando FL. The topic of routing wires through 3d assemblies utilized a Pro/ENGINEER model of a GSXR 600 motorcycle. The live demonstration used both Routed Systems Designer and Pro/CABLE.

06.07.09 - Design Engine's Bart Brejcha participates in Technical Committees with Parametric Technology Corporation. This year Bart will participate in the Core modeling and Surfacing.

06.16.09 - Design Engine's administers its two day plastics class to mechanical engineers looking to become experts at plastic part design.

07.13.09 - Design Engine's administers its five day manufacturing week which consists of two days plastics, two days die casting and one day forgings.

08.03.09 - Design Engine's administers its Maya level one to the Georgia Medical College.

09.09.09 - Design Engine's Joel Koster teaches the two day Photoshop workshop.

09.14.09 - Design Engine's administers a Rhino rendering week to Architects.

09.16.09 - Design Engine is now accepting WIA vouchers from the state of Michigan. If you as a resident of Michigan have been dislocated due to plant closures or are under employed you are eligible to take the four week comprehensive workshops.

11.16.09 - Design Engine teaches a Pro/ENGINEER surfacing workshop to Rubbermaid in Atlanta.

11.23.09 - Design Engine teaches a Maya Modeling and rendering week at Rubbermaid.

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