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+Workforce Investment Act
WIA federal grant training money now available to Michigan Residents. To empower the unemployed and underemployed in many states. To inquire please call 312.226.8339. Ask about WIA and how can we help you as a designer or engineer get a job.

DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION has joined the Workforce Investment Act effort to help the unemployed and underemployed gain career training that is enabling and empowering in the workplace. We can administer our four weeks of Pro/ENGINEER Training

Due to the slow economy and the large number of unemployed persons in the United States the federal government has made certain grant money available for training underemployed. Some grant money is available for manufacturers training their current workforce too.

With the certification, Design Engine Education will administer our most popular four week comprehensive computer aided design software such Pro/ENGINEER. You don't have to be unemployed, funding extends to large companies as well. Take Pro/ENGINEER training for example. An engineer gets laid off from a major manufacture and has 3000 plus hours on Pro/ENGINEER. He/She can take our four week class with WIA funds to first get acquainted with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Training then undergo two weeks of Pro/SURFACE Training and ISDX Training or Mechanica Training and Pro/CABLE. The person leaves our Pro/E training with skills most employees at the manufactures don't even have. Often with out even advanced notice, we will custom build any course.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

I want to take a course, where do I start?
Call 312.226.8339 or email us. Tell us about yourself and what you are looking to gain. If you are not sure what you are looking for, let us know, we have a very diverse array of classes and can tailor to your needs and ability. We train all abilities and all degrees (from GED to Ph.D.). We are here to get the training you need to give you a great edge on your resume. We help with job placement, also. In the past our graduates have been placed at Harley Davidson, Steelcase, SkilBosh Powertools, and other various product design firms. You do not have to be a degreed engineer to qualify for this training, as mechanics excel and work out well with engineers in teams.

The class that I want to attend has a start date in seven days. How long does it take to get a voucher and confirmed for the class?
It takes more than a few days to gain qualification for WIA. Don't expect to get a voucher to start in that short amount of time. Although they are trained to be progressive, a case worker is trained to help you gain employment. They may say 'NO' three times before they say yes. It is best to stay in communication with the Design-engine team during the process. You don't' have to spell everything out to your case worker however, a little assertiveness does not hurt.

I am from a state other than Michigan, will my local case worker be able to allocate funds for me to go to Chicago for training?
Currently, Design-Engine Education does not accept the the WIA grant availability in Illinois and Florida. However,most of the other states; Michigan, Minneapolis, Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin, Washington State and even Toronto. Efforts are currently being made to make the WIA available in other states. Please contact Design-Engine if you are interested in the training and are from another state. If you are from a State that we are not currently approved in, it is only a little paperwork on our part to gain approval in any state. We even have several apartments for those from other states.

Should I contact Design-Engine or a caseworker first?
Contact Design-Engine first. We can discuss training options and how we might tailor the course to your specific needs. Then, we will issue you a proposal that you can hand to your case worker for the often long aproval process. We will give you the materials the caseworker will request from you. This should streamline the process to getting you approved for the Workforce Investment grant money.

Do I have to be on unemployment to take advantage of this 'Workforce Investment Act' grant money?
If you lost work or became unemployed do to forgien competion you are a perfect canidate. Underemployed, dislocated, and unemployed people are also eligible. Just make an appointment with your unemployment case worker. Some case workers don't know that much about our very technical field and find it hard to believe a designer or engineer can get a job simply by taking our four week comprehensive workshop. They don't realize that in four weeks a dedicated individual can put in over 200 hours with an instructor and that our database contains over 3500 manufactures with manager names or HR contacts. We also partner with over 100 contract agencies who all recruit from our database.

What does dislocated mean?

If you lost a job due to forgien competion you are dislocated. Floods also dislocate persons. A Degreed Engineer working working at Menards full time still accounts for dislocated.

I am a machinist and the entire plant where I work was closed. Am I eligible for WIA funds for Pro/ENGINEER Training?

Yes. This is the main category for acceptance for WIA funding. Plant closings. Machinists excel at Pro/E and Solidworks jobs because of their mechanical aptitude and understanding of the manufacturing process.

I have specific skills I want to acquire in design, can I take classes to my specific needs?
Custom tailored training for yourself or your company is available. If you wanted to take a week of Rhino then two weeks of Wildfire you could pre arrange that with you contact person at Design Engine. Training can be on or off-site also. For other courses, see our schedule page. Ask about night training and weekends as well. Night training is not always published on the web site. Special scheduling is available. We are as flexible as possible. Currently we have night training on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 till 10pm. We have even conducted training at specific Unemployment offices in other States.

I have been dealing with a case worker that says I should receive a voucher soon. Can I start the class without a voucher?
We have in the past allowed students to start without a voucher especially if approval looks good. Many times we allow people in the class on good faith alone. Contact your Design Engine point person with any questions.

My case worker said my wife made too much money and I am not eligible for the WIA grant. It is up to each individual case worker to evaluate each potential candidate for approval. However, If you articulate your case well and make it clear to the case worker of your immanent divorce, you can gain this funding. There is no documentation that disqualifies a potential recipient of WIA funds because of household income. Some of those people who have been granted this funding simply would not take 'NO' for an answer and remind persistent.

I am a CAD manager or Engineering Director and I want Pro/E training or Rhino training for my staff. Can that be subsidized by the federal government?
Yes, 20 percent of our corporate clients will have their training subsidized by the federal or state government. Call us and we can point you into the right direction.

I am a contractor and my case worker said I already have a job. Why am I still interested in this voucher for training? The WIA grant is available to displaced and underemployed workers. That means if you have a short term temporary assignment then you are still eligible for this funding. Contracting is considered a temporary assignment. Treat it as such. Explain how important it is for you as a contractor that you wish for permanent employment.

Some suggestions.
1 Do your research on the industry.
2 You might even get onto monster.com to print out what available jobs there are in your industry. This print out will solidify your defense in making an effective case that you are entitled to and deserving of the WIA grant and that having this training will further your career and make you more employable and able to access a higher wage.
3 Don't take 'NO' from the case worker.
4 keep in contact with the Design Engine representative

Federal Funding is now available to take training with DESIGN-ENGINE|EDUCATION in Chicago: They are now a WIA Certified training provider (Workforce Investment Act) recipient for Emergency Grant money. Although you do not have to be unemployed to take advantage of this Federal Grant you will have to speak to your local 'Unemployment Case Worker' for more information.

To accommodate a Chicago workshop regardless if it is scheduled on this page, your firm need only two or more individuals to make a workshop. We never cancel a workshop due to having one person in the course!   To register, call 312.226.8339 today !

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