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+Why Alias Studio and Pro/ENGINEER?
Pro/ENGINEER has come along ways over the past 10 years. It is an impressive tool in the hands of an industrial designer. However there are techniques in Alias that can not be done in Pro/ENGINEER especially as related to Auto Exteriors and Interior.

Alias Studio has always been the industrial designer's choice of tools for proving shape and form, rendering and simply communicating to engineers and tooling vendors. (1) Many industrial designers are taught Alias Studio in school. (2) Alias Studio also has an impressive suite of procedural mapping tools. (3) Even the fact that something that can be quickly designed in Alias Studio can also be rendered fairly quickly and then is ready to be shown at a meeting or presentation, which can certainly help any marketing team as well as the engineers that need to see exactly what the usability of a certain product is. Alias Studio is a hard program to beat. Engineers often times use Pro/ENGINEER to communicate. That is why we have the Level 4 Pro/SURFACE workshop. To integrate IGES or STEP models into Pro/ENGINEER. Many engineers have problems with import geometry inside Pro/E.

Our Photoshop Design Rendering for Product Designers Workshop shows industrial designers how to deliver a Pro/ENGINEER deliverable. Taught to engineers, the Level 4 Pro/SURFACE workshop helps engineers break their fear of working with import geometry.

The real power of Alias Studio though, is the push and pull that Alias Studio allows you. Almost any curve, surface, line, or else can be "tweaked" to extreme bounds. This allows you to take a product and make it smoother, rougher, taller, shorter, longer, grooved, slanted, and many other changes fairly easy, and quick. This allows the engineer to look at a product and see exactly what the industrial designer is trying to get across in the modeling. Alias Studio is one of the best and most powerful software packages that can be purchased today.

+Manufactures trends?
Many manufactures do not want their industrial designers using Pro/ENGINEER or Solidworks. The engineering directors and hi-end Pro/E and Solidworks users want the parametric controls in their solid modeler and want to implement that control themselves. Although Design Engine Education is about empowering our clients, many times we are directed not to empower industrial designers with such solids tools instead keeping them in Alias even though the form will be remodeled (capture form) in Pro/E wildfire.


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