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Onsite Pro/E Training or Maya Training:

Whereas our specialized courses are offered through out the year at our Chicago office, Design Engine Education instructors are also flexible to accommodate your group or company by teaching classes onsite at your facility. Our instructors are not just taught how to teach specific software; they are high level users and don't get stuck when specific questions are asked during class that may veer from the structured training (like many of our competitors). We have heard stories from costumers about other training they received onsite and the instructor could not veer from the course material.

Our onsite training efforts are reflected successfully at Schick, Fisher-Price, Yamaha, Motorola, Knoll, John Deere, General Atomics, M3 Design, IDEO, British Aerospace, Valley Lab, Triumph, and Cannondale onsite training efforts. Call 312.226.8339 today to speak to one of our recognized instructors or inquire for past manufactures references. Inside US and overseas our instructors each carry valid passports for training abroad.

There are pros and cons to onsite training with many obvious examples such as cost savings with respect to many vs one traveling and accommodations. It is costmary to ask for two estimates from our sales department to evaluate the strengths. Sometimes our costumers will fly instructors to their city for training yet still conduct the training at an offsite facility such as a hotel conference room.

Customized Onsite proe training, Maya Training, Rhino Training:

> Our onsite training workshops are often customized for specific product design or engineering functions. For example, one major seating manufacture gave Design Engine Pro/ENGINEER models from a past project and asked us to create custom documentation in HTML sharing high level surfacing technique beyond menu clicks. Our competitors often teach from a click by click book or manual.

With the disclosures signed our engineering team can then evaluate how the models have been put together enabling the instructor to better accommodate the training workshop.

Our Chicago Training Coordinators can put you in touch with an instructor to plan out the onsite training efforts. We will also handle signing of disclosures and or phone conference scheduling. As with many of our clients a custom approach is easy to accommodate. We can achieve this in view of the fact our instructors have such a high level of experience and maintain a high level of understand in many different industries. They can draw knowledge of these multiple connected industries adding additional benefit to both our onsite clients as well as those clients attending our creative Chicago soft loft facility.

Custom Documentation in HTML:

Specific Pro/ENGINEE training requirements for onsite efforts are often coordinated several weeks before training is to commence. And often are meant are made to customize the training by documenting current modeling practices for example This interrogation effort allow the instructor or instructors a full picture of the skill levels and a complete picture for a design process that is currently in place. In this custom document the instructors have time to apply techniques that will be gained fro the course and apply those techniques to the various modeling examples supplied. We usually recommend a 20 to 30 hour addition to the proposal depending upon how many models are supplied for interrogation. The value of this added cost goes for future training efforts as these documents can be added to the corporate intranet. These documents are usually secretive and as such it is difficult for us to share examples of the custom documentation we develop however a progressive deliverable for the advancement modeling practices and techniques of a development team.


All it takes is a phone call 312.226.8339 or fill out the form below.

How it works: Fill out the form detailing some of your concerns, interests, inquiries and a DE rep will contact you back to schedule a phone conference.

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